P&S Wave Micro-Seismic Tool

This Seismic Tool allows simultaneous measurement of P&S wave velocities. The performance of the system is engineered to give good results in the slower formations found at shallow depth, while also performing well in deeper formations with higher velocities.

The tool is constructed with two receiver modules. These receivers each contain two transducers, one for the detection of the P waves and the other for the detection of S waves. The P wave detector is a piezo-electric device, the S wave detector is a geophone.

The energy source operates as a dipole source, in that the energy is directional. It also produces energy in two directions, 180° out of phase. In both cases the energy pulse is directed perpendicular to the borehole wall. This type of source generates strong shear waves within the formation.

The data acquired by the system is recorded in the industry standard SEG2 file.

Example Waveform

Borehole Conditions
Diameter 75 to 300mm
Water / Mud filled

Logging Conditions

Size: 4.1m or 5.0m x 50mm
Weight: 14kg
Aquisition Period: Variable (5—80 ms)
Max pressure: 50Bar
Max. temperature: 80°C

Accumulated Depth Log